Sunday, 19 June 2011

Will Computers Just Keep On Improving?

Since the invention of the first programmable calculators in the 1930's computers have continued to develop at an incredible speed.According to Moore's Law, computing power is projected to continue doubling every 12 to 24 months.With todays silicon technology this is likely to continue for a decade, after which many expect nanotechnology to take over. 

Microchips to become more powerful.
The power of a computer chip is directly dependent on the number of transistors it can accommodate.The individual features etched into a silicon chip now measure only 65 millionths of a millimeter 65 millionths of could already ontegrate about 200 million transistors onto a single chip.By 2008 this numbercould rise to 1 billion tranisitors, and with even smaller structures below 30 mnanometres in the next few years. A chip's computing power will increase in parellel. 

Silicon Chips in computers ?

Have you ever wonder what the chips(microprocessors) in computers are made of.

All the computers currently on the market have silison chips as thier key components.However, the silicon age is nearing its end - at least as regards the most powerful chips.The future could see the computing function of silicon being taken on by the individual atoms and molecules of a wide variety of materials, including atoms genome strings.Exactly which materials, including cardbon and promising we don't yet know.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Running DDR5 graphic card on DDR2 Motherboard.

DDR5 graphic cards are much faster and costlier than DDR3 graphic cards and their performance is higher when compared with each other.

Both DDR5 and DDR3 graphic cards requires same Bus Interface

To  insert any graphic card, only a  PCI x16  port should be available and DDR2 Boards have that facility, so any card can be kept with ease without any problem.  

And performance of DDR5 graphic card will be same whether in DDR2 Board or DDR3 board.

Lags can seen while playing games  due to the CPU(processor), if its a single core or a dual core.
Here is my GTX 460 GDDR5 Graphic card working on DDR2 Motherboard.

        DDR5 = Video Memory of Graphic card Only, it has nothing to do with system.

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