Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Best Computer Build For Gaming under Rs 50,000/- or 990 $ ! Latest Specs !

In this post, you will get a clear view of computer specs that you could get in 50,000/- or 990 $. IF you want a Gaming System, at affordable price then just move on to below given configurations.

Processor :  AMD 3.6 GHz AM3+ FX4100 

It's a AM3+ Socket type Processor. And it's a quad core having a clock speed of 3.6 GHz. It consumes 95 W power.

If you seriously think that this one cannot run games effectively you must think twice. It's a ideal processor for those people who can't go to Intel i5 - 2500K, and performance is almost same in some aspects.

Best Price currently running in market : Around Rs 6,200/-


Mother Board : ASUS M5A97

ASUS M5A97 Motherboard is AM3+ Socket type. It's having 4 Ram Slots which ideally can support upto 32 gb DDR3 Ram ( 8 x 4). It got 2 " USB 3.0 " Back Panel Ports.

Having 2 PCI X16 Slots, which can support Crossfire or SLI bridge for Graphic Cards. Undoubtedly it's the best available motherboard for a AM3+ processor.  

Best Price currently running in market : Around Rs 7,200/-

Ram : Corsair Vengeance  4 GB DDR3

It's DDR3 1600 MHz Ram. It's also got heat sinker for cooling. It score 7.5 out of 7.9 in windows experience rating. And got a blasting 10 years warranty. 

This is the best available DDR3 Ram, for best results in gaming you must go for this.

Best Price currently running in market : Around Rs 2,500/-

Graphic Card : ZOTAC NVIDIA GTX 650 Ti  (2 GB GDDR5) Edition

It's a 2GB GDDR5 Edition, which is simply a beast in performance. Its is first released by Nvidia in 2012, so certain old games need to be patched. It requires 450 Watt Power consumption.And it supports Direct X11.

You can play Far Cry 3, Assassins Creed 3 & Hitman Absolution on Ultra High Settings. Owned by many it's got a title of being a perfect gaming GPU. 

Best Price currently running in market : Around Rs 12,300/-

Power Supply PSU : Corsair CMPSU-600CXV2UK 600 Watts


It's a 600 W PSU,  which can run efficiently and effectively. It can power every component of the CPU. It's got domestic warranty of 3 years from Corsair. If you want detailed information about this PSU you can take referrence from Tom's Hardware or Anand Tech. 

Best Price currently running in market : Around Rs 4,500/-

Monitor : Dell -IN2030M 20 inch LED

Here's some basic Info:

It's a 20 Inch Display LED monitor. 
Got HD Display, with 1000 :1 contrast ratio. 
Best one out there for HD Movies and Gaming Experience. 

Best Price currently running in market : Around Rs 6,500/-

Hard Disk HDD : Seagate Barracuda 1 TB 

 It's 1 TB hard disk from Seagate. Comes with Sata 6.0 connectivity and 7,200 RPM is Spin Speed. 

So, that was some starter information, if you wish for good transfer speed then certainly opt for this HDD because it's the best one among others.

Best Price currently running in market : Around Rs 4,800/-

Cabinet :  Corsair 400R Mid Tower

It's certainly the best one out there and it's my personal favorite. It has 8 expansion slots and 3 USB 3.0 front facing ports. For a detailed search you can review it at Tom's Hardware or Anand Tech.

Best Price currently running in market : Around Rs 6300/-

You can have Keyboard and Mouse of Regular type. So that's it with system configurations. When you total the above given prices, you will get around Rs 50,300/- .

Do you agree with this configurations ? Got any problems in selection ? Shoot comment below and get it answered fast.  

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

How to stop time in Criminal Case Facebook Online Game ?

Criminal Case in Facebook is now one of the most playing game online. Many try to cheat , search for some kind of weird hacks... which doesn't work. Here, in this game each and every one does one mistake for sure. Easy trick to score High Score among your friends and this works for sure with no weird tools.

Yea, you can increase your Xp or money up to infinite by using Cheat Engines but there is ain't cheat for High Score. This trick I'm about to say is a Time Hack!!

Here's how you do it :

  • First, Log-in to  your Facebook Account.

  • Next open Criminal Case App

  • All you need to do is, try to play this game " full-screened mode "

Now the main stuff starts, when the game starts do the following :

Monday, 8 April 2013

How to sign in to multiple Facebook accounts at once ! New Method !

Facebook is a social networking site used by millions of people around the globe. So its easy to expect many people would be having 2 or more than 2 facebook accounts for different purposes.

Here's how you sign-in to multiple facebook accounts at once : There are two Methods :

  • Since you can access only one Account in one Internet Browser, you just need to have more Browsers.

Let's say that you signed in to one Account using Internet Explorer, and you am online in it. Now you just need to open  FireFox  to sign in to another account.

So just minimize "Internet Explorer" and open "FireFox" to sign-in other account. In this way you can be online using " 2 Browsers ".

  • You can use this method " Facebook Switch Accounts". First  Open " Google Chrome "
Now Go to this following site : http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/63761

On the Upper right corner, you will see " Install " click on it.

Google Chrome doesn't allow scripts to be installed directly, here's how you do it :

  • Click on "install" to download the script to your computer
  • Then Go to " Customize Google Chrome Button" at the right of the address bar > Settings > Extensions.
  • Now drag the "downloaded script" onto the extension page
  • And "customize it" and "install" the script .
Still if you are having trouble, click here http://userscripts.org/about/installing  for detailed explanation.

See below, to know how to install scripts in " FireFox " :

  • Open Firefox, search for  "Greasemonkey" add-on and install it. 

Restart FireFox, ( it's necessary) then on the address bar, paste this link 

Then Click on " Install " button.

Then " It says that it's a greasemonkey user script, click on install to use it ". Click on " Install "

Now Open " Facebook " on the right upper side you will see " Switch Accounts "  >
"Add Account " click on it.

Type "Account Name"and "Password", click on "OK". That's it.

Log-in to one account and when ever you want to use the other account, just click on
 Switch accounts > select the other account 

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Saturday, 6 April 2013

How to mount and install ISO game files using Deamon Tools ! Latest Tutorial !

Deamon Tools is popular software for mounting ISO files. Image files can mounted using many softwares and Deamon Tools is one of them. Since by default there is no software that can open ISO files, you will have to install Deamon Tools first.

Get Deamon Tools from here :
Filehippo: (Click Here)
Deamon-tools.cc : (Click Here)

Quick Steps to follow : 

1. Firstly Install " Latest Version " of Deamon Tool in your PC.

2. Once Deamon Tools is installed, by default your system use it to open ISO files. So you simply double click on the ISO file (.iso file). 

3. You can even manually mount ISO file, by clicking on DTLite.exe, (shortcut is available at your desktop screen)

  • Now click on this icon located in Image below. 

  • Then Locate the ISO file of the game and click on " Open". 

You will that under "Image Catalog" you required Game is ready to be mounted. Now "Right Click"  on it and click on " Mount ".

4. Now Open "My Computer", you will see that your required ISO File is mounted  under 
" Device with removable storage "

  • That's it, just "double click" on mounted ISO file , or "right click" > "Open" to view the contents in it.

Some times, in middle of the installation it asks to insert another " DVD "  , that technically means to mount other ISO file, if the first time you mounted "Part A or DVD1"ISO file, now it's time to mount "Part B or DVD2".

Here's how you do it ? 

  • First "Right click" on mounted drive, then click on " Eject "   

  • Now, you will have to mount Part B ISo file, for that you can just double click on Part B ISO file and it mounts automatically.  

Then you will that "Installation will be going on" & this is how you do it when you have two files (DVD1 & DVD2) to install.

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Friday, 5 April 2013

Download Torrent via Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) ! Fastest Way !

In this tutorial, you will know how to download a torrent using Internet Download Manager (IDM) for better download speed.

This process includes only 3 steps :
1. Get a torrent,
2. Upload it in zbigz.com
3. Start downloading it with Internet Download Manager (IDM) 

Now In Detail : 

1. Firstly you will have to install IDM in your Computer. Once you are done you can go to http://torrentz.in/

Search for a good torrent, get the once which is having good seeds > peers. Once you are fixed, click on " Get this torrent "or " Download Torrent ".

Tick the Option " Save File " and click on "OK". By default it will be stored in Downloads in your computer.

Check this post on How to Save Torrent Files ? If you are a starter.

2. Now Go to http://www.zbigz.com/
 It's a bit torrent client that allows to download torrents online. 

 You can see the option "Upload .torrent file" click on it. Then select the torrent file, click on Open.

Then Click on " GO " Click on Free :),  then wait till it's preparing the torrent.

3. Once caching is Complete, click on "Download".

Again it asks for Free or Premium, click on " free "

That's it, your download is ready.

Downloading a torrent using Internet Download Manager is beneficial and fast. If you are having a good internet speed, surely you will observe a higher download speed.

So Next time, when you are downloading your favorite songs, movies or games, surely remember that you can download torrent using IDM.

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Friday, 15 February 2013

How to turn on SysMain for readyboost ?

After reading many forums and other sites, I decided to write a post on sysmain for readyboost. If you want to turn on Ready boost, you will first need to turn the Sysmain service back on.

Have you connected  pendrive and tried to use Ready Boost, to increase its performance. And it says  that  " This device cannot be used for ReadyBoost. "

Well, it's a simple problem, try using the steps below

1. Type Services, in Start. Right click on it and start it as " Run as Administrator ".

2. Locate the file Superfetch, click on " Properties ". 

3.  Under General, Check the Service Status : " Stopped ".  Make sure you set up Startup type : " Automatic " and click on " start

A pop up box opens, which normally take 20 sec to complete. That's it press okay once the service status is " started ".
Now Right click on pen drive or memory card, go to "properties" and click on " Ready Boost "

Tick the Option " USE this device" and check how much MB does windows recommend for Optimal performance. " IF you are using a 8Gb stick then dedicate 4Gb to it." 

Once you are done with the procedure, you will find a file named "Ready Boost" in your pendrive. 

That's it. Thanks for reading the post. If you are still facing problem, then click on this link to read the post : Readyboost Not Working

Check How to copy ISO files in Pendrive ?

Which is best Intel HD Graphics 4000 vs ATI Mobility Radeon HD 7650M !

So are you looking into HD Graphics 4000 and later found about ATI Mobiity Radeon HD 7650M, and you are not able to decide which is best. 

Here look into this post : 

IF you search the web, you will get to know that ATI Radeon HD 7650M will perform better than Intel HD Graphics 4000. 

Both of them are dedicated internal graphics. Intel HD 4000 will render frames slowly, because of its clock speed and core speed, where as ATI Radeon HD 7650M will render frames more effectively. 

Because  HD 7650M comes with better clocking speed and core speed. 

In terms of gaming , you can easily cross out Intel HD 4000, because ATI Radeon HD 7650M supports Dx11 technology. Mobility Radeon GPU's are cheap and effective in terms of performance.  

Don't always believe on Benchmarks on Web, some might say that HD 4000 performs better, real situation is always different.

So, After reading a lot about these two GPU's which one would you prefer ? 

Surely, it's gonna  be Radeon HD 7650M as it out performs HD 4000 in every aspects. You can learn more about Radeon HD 7650M here :

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