Monday, 25 July 2011

How to use FRAPS to record Games or any Video ?

Firstly you have to download registered version any torrent.

Then follow these instructions :
1. Install Fraps (registered) version, then run fraps.

2. Click on Movies and set the configuration as shown in the image below

3. Then Minimize the Fraps and Open the Game which you want to record, then Press F5 while in game to record and when you want to stop recording press again F5.

4. By default the Movie which is been recorded is stored in C:\Fraps\Movies , thats it you have recorded the game in FULL HD 1080p.



Saturday, 23 July 2011

How to install other themes in Windows 7 ?


Windows 7 comes default with some simple themes, which includes only 7 themes.


Changing themes is easy, but installing  themes in windows 7 isn't easy , to install some steps are to be followed, which include:

(Always ensure to create a restore point before you patch any system file!)

It involves two Phases.

1st Phase

1. Must be Administrator for the Themes to work. Go to C:Windows then right click on the explorer.exe.

2. Then click on Properties.Then click on Security. 

3. Click on  Advanced, then you will see a box appearing like this, next click on OWNER

4. Click on Edit, then make sure you select your Ownership not the Administrator, click Change Owner to the one which is showing your Username. 

5. Click on OK.   (now you have taken the OWNERSHIP)

2nd Phase

1. Download the Universal Theme Patcher from this link http://deepxw.blogspot.com/2008/11/universal-theme-patcher.html  or  http://cyntar7.deviantart.com

How to patch Windows 7 in order to use custom visual styles?

1. Open the universal theme patcher folder.

 2. Click on the one which suits your system,  if yours is X64 bit OS then double click on UniversalThemePatcher-x64, if yours is 32 bit the click on UniversalThemePatcher -x86.

3. A box open like this, then Patch all three files to be able to use custom visual styles.(click on all the Patch Option)

4. Close the box after Patching, then download themes from here http://www.mediafire.com/?bdgiddfg6ifu1fm 

 5. Then follow these instruction :

1. Press the windows key along with R together to open the run menu (Windows key + R).

2. Type "resources" (without the quotes) into it and press enter.

3. Open the "themes" folder and extract the files named "X2" found in the custom visual style folder into it.

4. Open the .theme file to use the style or
double click the X2 file present in "theme" folder. (You can do the same for rest of the THEMES)


Friday, 22 July 2011

What are the advantages of having Mutli Core Processors(cpus) ?

Most of us think that having a single core CPU is enough as they are cheaper as they are tweaked with high GHZ when compared to normal multi core CPU.A normal Single Core CPU from AMD is  clocked with 2.7 GHZ, where as a normal Tripple core is clocked with 2.4 GHZ.

Few Advantages and Disadvantages

A single Core CPU can only handle a few programs and threads when exceeded it stops functioning and gives a reboot to system this can be experienced while playing a high game or while converting videos from format to other.

A Multi Core CPU can handle affectionalty many programs and threads, not only that it aslo reduces the time while extracting a FILE. Convertion of Videos is done blazing fast without any problem.

A single core CPU can handle a single program when running compared to that of Multi core Processors because oh high frequency GHZ.

A multi core CPU utilities the full performance of RAM and while running many programs it prevents the RAM from being OVERHEATED.

A single core CPU is made to run only a few programs when exceeded pressure on RAM is heavy it causes OVERHEATING.

OBTAINING HIGH SCORE IN SYSTEM RATING in windows 7 is only possible with a Multi Core CPU, where as with a single core CPU , the score is LOW.

Single Core CPU cant be OVERCLOCKED safetly, where as ITS easy to OVERCLOCK a Multicore CPU saftely.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

How to copy ISO file to Pendrive

Copying an ISO file to pen drive looks easy and practical to do only if the files are very much smaller when compared to the destination size of pen drive.

For example when you try to copy 1 GB Image(ISO) File to 8gb pen drive, it copy's successfully without any problem.But when you try copying a 5 GB Image(ISO) file in that pen drive it gives an error saying that the destination drive is full, but actually it isn't.

Try this method, format your pen drive as NTFS  rather than FAT32, as NTFS can store more data. Then try sending the ISO.(The common format for pen drives is FAT32 file system.)

Some pen drives cannot be formatted as NTFS, its okay you can still you this method below to copy ISO to pen drive.

1.Using Winrar
2.Using an external hard disk instead of a pen drive.

Using Winrar

Winrar can help us converting the Image file into archive file, and after converting you can copy the whole files to pendrive without any problem.

1.Firstly install Winrar if you aren't having.
2.Then right click on the ISO file,and click on Add to archive
3. You can see a box appearing like this
4.Select the Compression Method as Fastest and Compression method as CD700:  700 mb, and dont tick any Archiving options.
5.Then click on OK, it takes sometime for the process to complete depending on the size of ISO file.

6.After that you can see some files each sizing 700Mb approximately.

7.Copy those files in pen drive and carry them to your friend's house and extract those files into your friends hard disk  ,you will get again an ISO file.

This process might take time but its useful. Try it out.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

How to fix CRC error while extracting or installing ?

CRC  (Cyclic redundancy check) occurs while extracting a win or zip archive files.These occurrence is mostly common, when the file which is been used for a long time or been share with friends.Such  files gets damaged,  data in such files cannot be summarized properly  while extracting and it gives rise to such errors.

You can manually check the file whether its damaged or not by using the winrar,by clicking TEST option.

Note: CRC errors are .

They can be easily repaired  through some software which include Advanced Rar Repair  or Advance Zip Repair, they can be downloaded easily from internet.

Using the Advance Rar Repair is easy

1. Select the RAR file which is giving CRC error
2. Save the file by giving a suitable name for repaired file in the BOX (output fixed archive as:)
3. Click on Start Repair, wait until the process completes.
5. Then extract the Newly repaired file using winrar.

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