Monday, 18 June 2012

Antivirus that can run without updates and internet connection

You can run some antivirus without internet or without updating it frequently. Microsoft security essentials is one of them. Though it requires updates for real time protection, you can still update it manually by installing "patch" files.

You can download the patch files from, from here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971606
Before downloading check whether your Microsoft Security Essentials, is which bit, either 32 or 64 bit.

After you install Microsoft Security Essentials on your system, it will ask for a update. Since you dont have a stable network connection, its wont update. Then run the downloaded "patch file", it will ask for system to restart.

After restarting you will find Microsoft Security Essenstials, displays a status message as its " potentially protected ". Thats it, now your system is secured. It can scan any file and protect your system in real time.

And when it asks for a update for second time, again run the patch file. Its solves the problem. Or you can even get those patch files from your friends house, copy that file in pen-drive and install it in yours.

This is best method to run antivirus, for those you don't have stable network connection. Instead of just leaving your system unprotected, use this method. 

How to prevent blue screen errors in Windows 7, Xp, Vista ?

Blue screen of Death, officially knows as " Stop Error ". Its is a error screen displayed by Microsoft Windows upon encountering a critical error, that causes system to crash.

These errors usually are related to hardware or driver issues, causing computer to crash to prevent damage to hardware or data.

Blue screen may be sometimes caused by " dll " files or bugs in software kernel of the operational system. You can take measures to prevent damage to dll files by :
Using CC Cleaner or Registry Cleaner, click here
Make use of those software, since they are freeware. They do wonderful job, in short they check any corrupted dll file and repairs them immediately.

Blue Screen error may be caused by physical hardware faults,  such as faulty ram memory or even power supplies (smps). Or by overheating of components, mainly due to high voltage or even overclocking. These days overclocking has become a fashion.

Mostly installing any miscellaneous driver causes the problem, uninstall any newly installed driver. And make sure when you download a driver its compatible with your hardware.

If the problem is caused by faulty ram, then simply take out the ram stick and clean it with a cloth, be gentle while cleaning. And then insert it to another ram slot. If it that doesn't solve the problem, then replace that ram stick with other good company ones.

Overclocking is good only if you have high end hardware installed in your pc. If not it will simply decrease the life span of your hardware. Uninstall any software's that overclocks, like amd overcloacker or if you did change any setting in bios, make sure you undo them, try to  disable " core unlocker " in bios.

First, follow the above methods, it should put an end to blue screen error. If the problem still persists then immediately contact service center or place where you purchased computer.  

Sunday, 3 June 2012

How to send Andriod Apps from PC to Andriod devices?

Its great to know that Andriod Apps can be downloaded from Google Play.

Its easy to download  Apps from Android devices through android market. But you can also install those apps from PC to Android Devices. Here's how to do:

1. Firstly you can see a tag " Play " in up-left side of Google. Click it
Then sign in using your gmail account. You will find various Android Apps  in Google play. Click   on a app which you like, you will see something like this : 
       Click on "Install". 
 (Note : Certain apps might not work on your device, if it does works then it says its compatible with your device.)
 It pops out a box highlighting the information of what you are downloading, next click on "Install" again.

Next click on "OK
Later you will get see the app downloading on your Mobile.

Should you delete history after Browsing.

When you go to any site or open a web page, the browser creates a list of visited pages as History. History consumes space in local hard drive. So its necessary to clear the history.

You can clear the history either by using C Cleaner. Or By using the Browser itself.
1. After Browsing when you want to delete the history, simply click on Tools > Clear Recent History.

2. On the other hand you can just, click on Never Remember History , by going to 
    Tools > Option > Privacy > Never remember history.

By doing so you can save a lot of space in local drive. Sometimes history and unwanted cookies occupies a lot of space more than 3gb, so just use CCleaner to get rid of it.

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