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Can graphic cards like 9400 GT, 8000 GT run latest games released in 2011

Graphic cards like 9400 GT, 8000 GT and other low-end cards from ATI will run latest games released in 2011 but not all.

Many games are released in 2011 and some them are :
1. Batman Arkum City(not yet released)
2. Battlefield 3
3. Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3
4. Assassins Creed Revelation (not yet released) 
and many more
Games that could run in such cards were only few, since some game required powerful graphic card to run.

(Remember : If you are having low-end card then, its better to play games in Windows Xp than in Widows 7, because Direct X11 is not supported by those Cards) 

Some of the Game that could run were :

Assassins Creed Brotherhood,  despite been latest game, it was played in cards like 9400 GT at low settings and low resolution.(Note : All the versions of Assassins Creed, could be played at low settings)

Section 8 - Prejudice : It was release on July 26th 2011, when compared to other games like Battlefield ,this game doen't require much graphics, so this game runs perfectly in low end cards.

Bulletstorm : It was released in February 25th 2011, is an other game which worked in Gt 240 and 9 series of Nvidia graphic cards. At medium settings the game worked absolutely fine with good frame rates.

Virtual Tennis 4 : It released in June 2011, it worked fine with medium settings, with good (20) frame rates. 

So as you see not many can work in low-end cards, games like Crysis 2 and Battlefield  Bad Company 2 and Battle field 3, were not able to run even with low settings despite having a good Processor and Ram.

Remember to Update Graphic Drivers as frequently as possible.

How to Export Corel Draw files to Adobe Photoshop ?

Corel Draw is a friendly software that is used by many people. When you work on a project in Corel Draw and if you want to edit that project in Adobe Photoshop,(note: Adobe supports PDF files) , you can covert that project into PDF format in Corel Draw, then you can open it in Adobe Photoshop.

How to Covert into PDF format In Corel Draw :
In Corel Draw, Click on File > Publish to PDF

Then Save it in My Documents. Then Open it in Adobe Photoshop to Edit it.

How to Change Folder's Icon in Windows 7

Changing Folders Icon is Simple. When you change your Desktop Wallpaper or Mouse pointers, you will have to change Icons as-well, to give a new effect to your Desktop.

Steps to Follow :
Right Click on the Folder which you want to change.Then click on Properties, go to Customize.

Click on Change Icon, 

Next simply click on Browse, then select the Icon from your hard-disk, then click on OK to save.

How to install new cursors in Windows 7 ?

There are plenty of New Cursors on Web which you can download by a simple click, it will look odd, if you change desktop wallpaper and icons, then why not Cursors.

A good looking Cursors is essential, for a good looking desktop.

Download some them Through these Links :


2.Ecliz Cursors

4. DeepSky

How to Apply the Above Cursors : 

Open Control Panel and double click on Mouse Properties. Click on the Pointers tab and choose the installed cursor pack from the drop-down list under ‘Scheme’. Select one and click Apply. Windows 7 and Vista users can type ‘mouse pointers’ in the search box to automatically open the Mouse pointers settings.


If the downloaded cursor doesn’t contain the .INF file, ignore the first step and directly open Mouse Pointers settings in Control Panel. Click on Browse and locate the cursor files (.cur and .ani) you just downloaded. Select one to apply.

ALSO Check 21 fresh cursor pack for windows 7

How to get more download speed when having less seeds and more peers - Utorrent ?

Sometimes when you downloading file from torrent, you can see that Download Speed is low when compared to the Upload Speed. In such cases, you will get less download speed, nearly 1/2 half or nearly a quarter from you original download speed.

Such Problem arises when you have Less SEEDS and more PEERS

Things you can do at that time :

1. Select a Proper Torrent :  Remove the existing torrent and Re-select the one which is having more Seeds and less Peers, Click here to know where to download torrents

2. If you are unable to get proper torrent, then you can still download that torrent having less Seeds and more Peers:

Steps To Follow :
- Right Click on the Torrent you are downloading, click on Bandwidth Allocation 

Then Click on Set Download Limit > make sure that its kept at Unlimited

Then again Right Click on the Torrent , click on Bandwidth Allocation, then Click on Upload limit. 
Set the least Values : 25 Kbps

That's it you are done, now the Upload Speed wont exceed 25 Kbps, and you will  get fine download speed  click here to know : How to Increase Download Speed in Utorrent 

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