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How to turn on SysMain for readyboost ?

After reading many forums and other sites, I decided to write a post on sysmain for readyboost. If you want to turn on Ready boost, you will first need to turn the Sysmain service back on.

Have you connected  pendrive and tried to use Ready Boost, to increase its performance. And it says  that  " This device cannot be used for ReadyBoost. "

Well, it's a simple problem, try using the steps below

1. Type Services, in Start. Right click on it and start it as " Run as Administrator ".

2. Locate the file Superfetch, click on " Properties ". 

3.  Under General, Check the Service Status : " Stopped ".  Make sure you set up Startup type : " Automatic " and click on " start

A pop up box opens, which normally take 20 sec to complete. That's it press okay once the service status is " started ".
Now Right click on pen drive or memory card, go to "properties" and click on " Ready Boost "

Tick the Option " USE this device" and check how much MB does windows recommend for Optimal performance. " IF you are using a 8Gb stick then dedicate 4Gb to it." 

Once you are done with the procedure, you will find a file named "Ready Boost" in your pendrive. 

That's it. Thanks for reading the post. If you are still facing problem, then click on this link to read the post : Readyboost Not Working

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Which is best Intel HD Graphics 4000 vs ATI Mobility Radeon HD 7650M !

So are you looking into HD Graphics 4000 and later found about ATI Mobiity Radeon HD 7650M, and you are not able to decide which is best. 

Here look into this post : 

IF you search the web, you will get to know that ATI Radeon HD 7650M will perform better than Intel HD Graphics 4000. 

Both of them are dedicated internal graphics. Intel HD 4000 will render frames slowly, because of its clock speed and core speed, where as ATI Radeon HD 7650M will render frames more effectively. 

Because  HD 7650M comes with better clocking speed and core speed. 

In terms of gaming , you can easily cross out Intel HD 4000, because ATI Radeon HD 7650M supports Dx11 technology. Mobility Radeon GPU's are cheap and effective in terms of performance.  

Don't always believe on Benchmarks on Web, some might say that HD 4000 performs better, real situation is always different.

So, After reading a lot about these two GPU's which one would you prefer ? 

Surely, it's gonna  be Radeon HD 7650M as it out performs HD 4000 in every aspects. You can learn more about Radeon HD 7650M here :

Best Graphic Cards to choose from below Rs 5000 / - ?

Here is a list of potential Graphic card's  that  you can find in present marker which are below Rs 5000/- .

Note  : These are GDDR3 and GDDR5 versions of Graphic cards.


Here is why, this card is best for the budget of Rs 5000/-.  Since its a GDDR5 card, it can run games at more frames per second and hence your FRPS rate will increase.  With correct combination of a multi core processor and Dx11 graphic card like this, even on high resolutions game experience  is enjoyable.

Shader Version 5
Model ID
Power Supply Required
400 W

Go for this if you want a GDDR5 Graphic Card. Price Range across Rs 4790 /-.

2. Asus NVIDIA GT 630 2 GB DDR3 Graphics Card

This model comes with a elegant stylish design developed by Asus. I personally been a Nvidia Fan, so if you are one, then you can select this card. 

With this version, you are having  2 gb DDR3 memory which is twice of 1gb.  And it also got a clock speed of 810 Mhz. If you are small scale gamer then surey go for this. Note : It's also got a Nvidia 3d Vision so you enjoy 3d gaming. Price Range across Rs 4700 /-.

Processors and Cores
96 CUDA Cores
Bus Standard
PCI Express 2.0
Graphics Technologies Supported
Microsoft DirectX v11

3. Sapphire AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6670 1 GB DDR3 Graphics Card

The third on the list would be this card. Although it's very much similar to Nvidia GT 630, on term of Specification but this card is 1 gb GDDR3. 

It runs best on 400 Watts SMPS and got no heating issues.  Best part of it is that, since it's got a PCI-E 2.1 Bus Standard even older motherboard will work in conjugation with this card.

Some Specs : 

GPU Clock
800 MHz
Shader Version 5
Processors and Cores
480 Stream Processor

 It's got AMD 3d Vision Support. You can enjoy gaming in 3d.  Price Range across Rs 4870 /-.

Agree with this list, got any doubts. Shoot a comment below. 

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