Friday, 17 June 2011

Running DDR5 graphic card on DDR2 Motherboard.

DDR5 graphic cards are much faster and costlier than DDR3 graphic cards and their performance is higher when compared with each other.

Both DDR5 and DDR3 graphic cards requires same Bus Interface

To  insert any graphic card, only a  PCI x16  port should be available and DDR2 Boards have that facility, so any card can be kept with ease without any problem.  

And performance of DDR5 graphic card will be same whether in DDR2 Board or DDR3 board.

Lags can seen while playing games  due to the CPU(processor), if its a single core or a dual core.
Here is my GTX 460 GDDR5 Graphic card working on DDR2 Motherboard.

        DDR5 = Video Memory of Graphic card Only, it has nothing to do with system.


  1. i have gigabyte g41m-es2l board which is ddr2 can i run gtx 460 on my board...........plz tell me thankyou..

  2. hi,
    you can run GTX 460 on ddr2 motherboard, it will run well since I am using the same card on my ddr2 board. :)

  3. hi i wish to install a radeon r7 240 gddr5 graphics card on my g31 ddr2 motherboard?will it work good?will there be any bottleneck?

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  5. i have ga-g31ms2l gigabyte motherboard with core2duo processor 2.86ghz. 3 gb ram. i wants to ask can msi 750ti 2gb ddr5 graphics card work in my motherboard

  6. I had a 1gb gddr5 card in my ddr2 computer, but it read as 2gb. My brother tells me that its because gddr5 runs faster on ddr2 technology. I'm planning on upgrading to ddr3, so would the gddr5 card be boosted as well?


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