Thursday, 29 September 2011

Gaming Months in 2011 - Oct, Nov, Dec

This Year is no Exception as the holiday season is always a big time for gaming industry. With the world set to end in next year, the gaming publishers are going all out advancing, to rock the gaming world.

Starting with Resistance 3, Gears of War 3 and FIFA 12, which have been released, many are yet to come soon in these Gaming Months - Oct, Nov, Dec.

Games to be Released in this year 2011
1. Batman Arkum City
2. Battlefield 3
3. Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3
4. Assassins Creed Revelation
5. Need For Speed : The Run 
6. Star Wars : The Old Republic
7. Dark Souls
8. Halo Anniversary
9. Uncharted 3 : Drake's Deception

Also Check these Sites for more information about gameplay & release dates

So gamers, its better to start saving money (a lot of money) right from now.

The Best Gaming Computer Build 2011

As per the latest release of Graphic Cards and Motherboards, trends in RAM has also changed, now that we have the motherboards which come with 6 RAM slots hit the market, gamers are able to insert 48 gb ram in that Board.

8gb Ram DDR3 single stick

The Motherboards which include 6 RAM slots include Gigabyte G1 Assassin Motherboard,

And with help of two FASTEST graphic cards "GTX 590", by SLI Bridge

 and with a decent processor, the gamers can experience a whole new level in gaming.

Check out this Video, bcoz this will be the BEST Computer Build in 2011. 

How to watch youtube videos without Buffering ?

Youtube has become the most common search engine for watching Video all over internet.
Introduction of High Definition Video's made the Video's to look more Crustal Clear and neat. Such HD Videos takes more time to buffer. 

There are many software's that claim to prevent buffering but they don't. No matter which software you use to prevent bufferring, it still buffers,because it depends on your internet speed. 

So, if your internet speed is low, you can try these measures to buffer the videos faster. 

1. By clearing of the {History & Cookies} in your Browser. ( firefox, internet explorer, chrome)

2. By shifting to a faster browser, note that Google Chrome is believed to be the  fastest Browser

3. By downloading that Video, so that you can watch it later without buffering, check this post to know how to download youtube videos:

4. And you can still change the settings of Quality of that Video 

You can select the least one 240p or 360p to prevent buffering, but the quality of that Video, adversely gets affected.

If you are watching the bunch of Videos in youtube which are buffering at same time,then you can pause some Videos, by right click on that Video and press "Stop Download"

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

How to Upload videos recorded with fraps to youtube ?

According to rules of Youtube, the video that is to be uploaded can be
1.High Definition    
2.Up to 2 GB in size. 
3.Up to 15 minutes in length.
4.A wide variety of formats.

When Fraps is used to record footage of game, more amount of HDD space is consumed as  "Fraps doesn't support AVI 2.0 OpenDML extensions; so the maximum clip size is about 3.9GB."

To overcome this problem, the recorded video should be converted to other format to reduce the size of recorded video.

Use Any Video Converter 3.27, to convert the recorded video to other format.

2.Click on Add Video select the recorded Video and change the format, select the output profile as  "Customized Mp4 movie" 

 and set the Video option and Audio option as shown above. 

5. Then click on "Convert"


6.Thats it the Video has been converted to Mp4 format with very less Size.

Now you can upload the Video to youtube, and the Video is converted to HD 720p automatically, "when the above mentioned settings are used while converting."

Monday, 19 September 2011

What are torrents and How to add torrent in Utorrent ?

"A torrent is a pointer file that is used for file sharing, these files have become a massive stand-back for music movies and games, they work by swarming file pieces to your computer."

So where can Torrents be downloaded?
They are available in many sites which includes

To add and download these Torrents, firstly Utorrent (Utorrent is fastest simple and secure) has to be downloaded and installed, http://www.utorrent.com/
then go to the specified sites as listed above and download the torrent which you want. 

Then click on the DOWNLOAD VIATORRENT (MAGNET LINK), then it pops up a windows saying  

Tick the option "open with". Click on OK, that's it you should see the torrent downloading in UTorrent

After the Download gets completed, right click on the torrent,click on Open containing Folder to Browse the Downloaded files.

Also check this post to increase download speed of Utorrent

Using Utorrent is Simple and User Friendly 

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

How to set a Video as Desktop Wallpaper using VLC ? Moving Wallpaper

Using VLC Direct X Wallpaper we can set a video as wallpaper, its quite simple and user friendly. make sure you install the latest version of VLC 
1. Open VlC, then Go to Tools>Preferences.

2. Then make sure that you change the Video setting as shown in the  below given image :

3. Then click on Save.

4. After that Open a Video,

5. Then Go to Video and Click on Direct X wallpaper

6. Minimize VLC and you will be seeing video playing in desktop even when VLC is

7. To stop the Video simply press F5 or right click > refresh.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

How to take screenshot from a playing Video ?

While playing a Video we can take screen-shot by using

1. Snipping Tool
2. Fraps

Using Snipping Tools

1. Play the Video and pause it a particular scene where you want to take screen-shot.
     Now Search  for "Snipping tool" and click on it. 

2. Click on  New, then  the screen turns white and cursor appears.

3. Now drag the cursor to the  area which you want to capture and leave the mouse.

4. Then Save the captured image in JPEG.

How to increase your Graphic card's performance ?

If you are suffering with poor graphics while gaming, it indicates that your graphic card isn't capable of handing such graphics, in such conditions you have two choices

1. to buy a new graphic card,
2. to overclock the present graphic card.

IF you choose overclocking,
then there are some software's which can help you overclock safely.

First thing involves is "MSIAfterburner", which has to be downloaded and installed

Using this software you can increase your graphic cards performance to maximum, you can increase or decrease the MHz and click on apply to take effect.

This software is applicable to all graphic cards.

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