Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Using Microsoft Security Essentials, works 100%

Microsoft Security Essentials
Though there a many antivirus showing up, most of them are not free. People dont like to afford money on purchasing a licensed version of  antivirus, for people like those Microsoft has come up with a good antivirus to support, by keeping the minimum requirement  of a genuine windows.
For those who are having a genuine windows,this software can be installed and can be put to work.

The main thing is that its a free antivirus that keeps on getting  a very frequent updates so internet has to be there, if you don't have internet or you are facing problem while updating, you can simple cancel the update and manually install the patch file and restart the system.

Its a very good antivirus, which can scan your full harddisk and it also gets frequent critical updates which can improve chances fighting against malwar and even trojan viruses.

This freeware antivirus is supporting all OS but with an exception for win XP 64 bit only . Microsoft did not make it compatible for 64 bit version of XP, due to problem with its service packs.

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