Friday, 22 July 2011

What are the advantages of having Mutli Core Processors(cpus) ?

Most of us think that having a single core CPU is enough as they are cheaper as they are tweaked with high GHZ when compared to normal multi core CPU.A normal Single Core CPU from AMD is  clocked with 2.7 GHZ, where as a normal Tripple core is clocked with 2.4 GHZ.

Few Advantages and Disadvantages

A single Core CPU can only handle a few programs and threads when exceeded it stops functioning and gives a reboot to system this can be experienced while playing a high game or while converting videos from format to other.

A Multi Core CPU can handle affectionalty many programs and threads, not only that it aslo reduces the time while extracting a FILE. Convertion of Videos is done blazing fast without any problem.

A single core CPU can handle a single program when running compared to that of Multi core Processors because oh high frequency GHZ.

A multi core CPU utilities the full performance of RAM and while running many programs it prevents the RAM from being OVERHEATED.

A single core CPU is made to run only a few programs when exceeded pressure on RAM is heavy it causes OVERHEATING.

OBTAINING HIGH SCORE IN SYSTEM RATING in windows 7 is only possible with a Multi Core CPU, where as with a single core CPU , the score is LOW.

Single Core CPU cant be OVERCLOCKED safetly, where as ITS easy to OVERCLOCK a Multicore CPU saftely.


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