Wednesday, 20 July 2011

How to copy ISO file to Pendrive

Copying an ISO file to pen drive looks easy and practical to do only if the files are very much smaller when compared to the destination size of pen drive.

For example when you try to copy 1 GB Image(ISO) File to 8gb pen drive, it copy's successfully without any problem.But when you try copying a 5 GB Image(ISO) file in that pen drive it gives an error saying that the destination drive is full, but actually it isn't.

Try this method, format your pen drive as NTFS  rather than FAT32, as NTFS can store more data. Then try sending the ISO.(The common format for pen drives is FAT32 file system.)

Some pen drives cannot be formatted as NTFS, its okay you can still you this method below to copy ISO to pen drive.

1.Using Winrar
2.Using an external hard disk instead of a pen drive.

Using Winrar

Winrar can help us converting the Image file into archive file, and after converting you can copy the whole files to pendrive without any problem.

1.Firstly install Winrar if you aren't having.
2.Then right click on the ISO file,and click on Add to archive
3. You can see a box appearing like this
4.Select the Compression Method as Fastest and Compression method as CD700:  700 mb, and dont tick any Archiving options.
5.Then click on OK, it takes sometime for the process to complete depending on the size of ISO file.

6.After that you can see some files each sizing 700Mb approximately.

7.Copy those files in pen drive and carry them to your friend's house and extract those files into your friends hard disk  ,you will get again an ISO file.

This process might take time but its useful. Try it out.


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