Friday, 30 December 2011

How to Hide or Unhide a Folder or File in Windows 7, Xp and Vista ?

This is Simple Trick, if you are having important information in your hardisk then you can save it by hidding.

How to Hide a Folder 
This is Simple, Follow the steps below :
1. First Right click on the Folder
2. Click on Properties
3. Then a Box opens,  tick the Hidden option and click on "OK" 
 4. Later Click on Option highlighting " Apply changes to this folder only " and then click on "OK".

How to Unhide the Folder ?
1. Open "My Computer " then click on "Organize".
2. Then click on " Folder and Search Options "
3. Then under " Folder and Search Options " click on " View ", then tick the option " Show hidden files,folders and drive "
4. Then click on "OK".
( If you want to hide, then simple tick the option "Dont show hidden files, folders and drive", then click on "OK")

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