Thursday, 29 September 2011

How to watch youtube videos without Buffering ?

Youtube has become the most common search engine for watching Video all over internet.
Introduction of High Definition Video's made the Video's to look more Crustal Clear and neat. Such HD Videos takes more time to buffer. 

There are many software's that claim to prevent buffering but they don't. No matter which software you use to prevent bufferring, it still buffers,because it depends on your internet speed. 

So, if your internet speed is low, you can try these measures to buffer the videos faster. 

1. By clearing of the {History & Cookies} in your Browser. ( firefox, internet explorer, chrome)

2. By shifting to a faster browser, note that Google Chrome is believed to be the  fastest Browser

3. By downloading that Video, so that you can watch it later without buffering, check this post to know how to download youtube videos:

4. And you can still change the settings of Quality of that Video 

You can select the least one 240p or 360p to prevent buffering, but the quality of that Video, adversely gets affected.

If you are watching the bunch of Videos in youtube which are buffering at same time,then you can pause some Videos, by right click on that Video and press "Stop Download"


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