Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How to increase Ram Performance without using Softwares ?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to increase Ram Performance with some simple tricks. After using this method more than hundred times, I pretty much wanted to write it in this blog. Best part is that you don't need any softwares and its safe too. 

I know that this method is already there in other site's but I felt that I need to make it more clear for you to understand, and here's what it is.

 Follow these steps :

1. Right click on the task bar > click properties >click on Customize

 2. Under Customization, Tick " Run Command " and click on " OK ", then click on " Apply " and " OK "

3. Start Run, and type the following : " system.ini "

4. Observe the Code [386Enh],

5. Change that code [386Enh], and add two more lines to it, as seen in pic below.

6. After that click on File > Save. 

That's it. Everything is done, now you will see that performance of your Ram has improved, pictures and videos will open fast enough. 

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