Wednesday, 17 August 2011

How to Export important Bookmarks to Hard disk ?

Before restoring windows or installing Operating System, remember to save the Important Bookmarks to your hard disk , so that they remain safe and can be used even after installing any other windows .

Steps to follow :

1. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, then the important bookmarks are saved in the Bookmarks toolbar,
(shortcut for bookmark : ctrl +d)

2. Click on Bookmarks then Organize Bookmarks (for older versions) or  Show all Bookmarks (for newer versions)  Ctrl+Shift+B (shortcut),

3.Then click on Bookmarks Menu, then click on Import and Backup, then click on Export HTML

4. Then save it as Bookmarks in your hard disk other then C: drive.
 5.  After restoring or after installing a new Operating System, open Mozilla then now its time to Import the Exported bookmarks.

6 Open  Mozilla Firefox, click on Bookmarks> Show all Bookmarks>Import and Backup>Import bookmarks from html, now click on Import html.

7. Then select on From a HTML file, then click on Next, then Locate the HTML file named Bookmarks which you saved in you hardisk and click on Open,

8. Thats it now all the Important Bookmarks are Saved in Bookmarks Menu.


  1. Thanks for the info! This was extremely helpful! :D

  2. Hey, thanks for leaving comment. Sure check other posts. :)

  3. hello,

    nice share then I can use this to save my bookmarks in my harddisk


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