Tuesday, 9 April 2013

How to stop time in Criminal Case Facebook Online Game ?

Criminal Case in Facebook is now one of the most playing game online. Many try to cheat , search for some kind of weird hacks... which doesn't work. Here, in this game each and every one does one mistake for sure. Easy trick to score High Score among your friends and this works for sure with no weird tools.

Yea, you can increase your Xp or money up to infinite by using Cheat Engines but there is ain't cheat for High Score. This trick I'm about to say is a Time Hack!!

Here's how you do it :

  • First, Log-in to  your Facebook Account.

  • Next open Criminal Case App

  • All you need to do is, try to play this game " full-screened mode "

Now the main stuff starts, when the game starts do the following :

Just " Right Click on the Screen "  you will get couple of options like these :

In Mean While, you locate your first item on list, once you found it. Click on the item and immediately click " Right Click on the Screen " , by doing this your Time will stop.

Note : If you have 5 hint Bonus, your score at Hint Bonus would be 1,00,000.

So, when you do this method you can take your own time to locate, once you are done. You can make couple of clicks immediately.

Isn't it silly :P Believe me when I figured it out I'm the Top High Scorer among my friends.

And now it's like a Time hack!!


  1. I've tried this method but it doesn't work :( time is still going.. is it because of my latest flash player ??

    1. yes, but it can still work in latest player also.....

    2. it doesn't work on chrome dude.. try mozilla or ie..

  2. how do you do the puzzle scenes? i can freeze time for all other stages, but with the puzzle ones i can't get it right :/

  3. It disabled today.. :( any other trick?

    1. Other tricks, not yet know. I will look into and post some tricks soon !

    2. is not working in win xp but works on win7
      any solution for xp????

    3. Try updating the adobe flash player in Win Xp ! I hope this helps you. :)

  4. Try updating the adobe flash player in Win Xp ! I hope this helps you. :)

  5. i have already the latest version

  6. Die in a fire you grotty little cheats.


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