Monday, 19 September 2011

What are torrents and How to add torrent in Utorrent ?

"A torrent is a pointer file that is used for file sharing, these files have become a massive stand-back for music movies and games, they work by swarming file pieces to your computer."

So where can Torrents be downloaded?
They are available in many sites which includes

To add and download these Torrents, firstly Utorrent (Utorrent is fastest simple and secure) has to be downloaded and installed, http://www.utorrent.com/
then go to the specified sites as listed above and download the torrent which you want. 

Then click on the DOWNLOAD VIATORRENT (MAGNET LINK), then it pops up a windows saying  

Tick the option "open with". Click on OK, that's it you should see the torrent downloading in UTorrent

After the Download gets completed, right click on the torrent,click on Open containing Folder to Browse the Downloaded files.

Also check this post to increase download speed of Utorrent

Using Utorrent is Simple and User Friendly 

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