Tuesday, 27 September 2011

How to Upload videos recorded with fraps to youtube ?

According to rules of Youtube, the video that is to be uploaded can be
1.High Definition    
2.Up to 2 GB in size. 
3.Up to 15 minutes in length.
4.A wide variety of formats.

When Fraps is used to record footage of game, more amount of HDD space is consumed as  "Fraps doesn't support AVI 2.0 OpenDML extensions; so the maximum clip size is about 3.9GB."

To overcome this problem, the recorded video should be converted to other format to reduce the size of recorded video.

Use Any Video Converter 3.27, to convert the recorded video to other format.

2.Click on Add Video select the recorded Video and change the format, select the output profile as  "Customized Mp4 movie" 

 and set the Video option and Audio option as shown above. 

5. Then click on "Convert"


6.Thats it the Video has been converted to Mp4 format with very less Size.

Now you can upload the Video to youtube, and the Video is converted to HD 720p automatically, "when the above mentioned settings are used while converting."


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