Thursday, 17 November 2011

How to install new cursors in Windows 7 ?

There are plenty of New Cursors on Web which you can download by a simple click, it will look odd, if you change desktop wallpaper and icons, then why not Cursors.

A good looking Cursors is essential, for a good looking desktop.

Download some them Through these Links :


2.Ecliz Cursors

4. DeepSky

How to Apply the Above Cursors : 

Open Control Panel and double click on Mouse Properties. Click on the Pointers tab and choose the installed cursor pack from the drop-down list under ‘Scheme’. Select one and click Apply. Windows 7 and Vista users can type ‘mouse pointers’ in the search box to automatically open the Mouse pointers settings.


If the downloaded cursor doesn’t contain the .INF file, ignore the first step and directly open Mouse Pointers settings in Control Panel. Click on Browse and locate the cursor files (.cur and .ani) you just downloaded. Select one to apply.

ALSO Check 21 fresh cursor pack for windows 7

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  1. Thank you for these awesome lists of cursors that is applicable to use for my Windows 7 operating system. This is efficient to use with my dual mouse because some of these cursor features are fun to use.


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