Thursday, 17 November 2011

How to get more download speed when having less seeds and more peers - Utorrent ?

Sometimes when you downloading file from torrent, you can see that Download Speed is low when compared to the Upload Speed. In such cases, you will get less download speed, nearly 1/2 half or nearly a quarter from you original download speed.

Such Problem arises when you have Less SEEDS and more PEERS

Things you can do at that time :

1. Select a Proper Torrent :  Remove the existing torrent and Re-select the one which is having more Seeds and less Peers, Click here to know where to download torrents

2. If you are unable to get proper torrent, then you can still download that torrent having less Seeds and more Peers:

Steps To Follow :
- Right Click on the Torrent you are downloading, click on Bandwidth Allocation 

Then Click on Set Download Limit > make sure that its kept at Unlimited

Then again Right Click on the Torrent , click on Bandwidth Allocation, then Click on Upload limit. 
Set the least Values : 25 Kbps

That's it you are done, now the Upload Speed wont exceed 25 Kbps, and you will  get fine download speed  click here to know : How to Increase Download Speed in Utorrent 

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