Friday, 5 April 2013

Download Torrent via Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) ! Fastest Way !

In this tutorial, you will know how to download a torrent using Internet Download Manager (IDM) for better download speed.

This process includes only 3 steps :
1. Get a torrent,
2. Upload it in zbigz.com
3. Start downloading it with Internet Download Manager (IDM) 

Now In Detail : 

1. Firstly you will have to install IDM in your Computer. Once you are done you can go to http://torrentz.in/

Search for a good torrent, get the once which is having good seeds > peers. Once you are fixed, click on " Get this torrent "or " Download Torrent ".

Tick the Option " Save File " and click on "OK". By default it will be stored in Downloads in your computer.

Check this post on How to Save Torrent Files ? If you are a starter.

2. Now Go to http://www.zbigz.com/
 It's a bit torrent client that allows to download torrents online. 

 You can see the option "Upload .torrent file" click on it. Then select the torrent file, click on Open.

Then Click on " GO " Click on Free :),  then wait till it's preparing the torrent.

3. Once caching is Complete, click on "Download".

Again it asks for Free or Premium, click on " free "

That's it, your download is ready.

Downloading a torrent using Internet Download Manager is beneficial and fast. If you are having a good internet speed, surely you will observe a higher download speed.

So Next time, when you are downloading your favorite songs, movies or games, surely remember that you can download torrent using IDM.

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  1. how to download above 1gb??

  2. am using this its really superb


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