Saturday, 6 April 2013

How to mount and install ISO game files using Deamon Tools ! Latest Tutorial !

Deamon Tools is popular software for mounting ISO files. Image files can mounted using many softwares and Deamon Tools is one of them. Since by default there is no software that can open ISO files, you will have to install Deamon Tools first.

Get Deamon Tools from here :
Filehippo: (Click Here)
Deamon-tools.cc : (Click Here)

Quick Steps to follow : 

1. Firstly Install " Latest Version " of Deamon Tool in your PC.

2. Once Deamon Tools is installed, by default your system use it to open ISO files. So you simply double click on the ISO file (.iso file). 

3. You can even manually mount ISO file, by clicking on DTLite.exe, (shortcut is available at your desktop screen)

  • Now click on this icon located in Image below. 

  • Then Locate the ISO file of the game and click on " Open". 

You will that under "Image Catalog" you required Game is ready to be mounted. Now "Right Click"  on it and click on " Mount ".

4. Now Open "My Computer", you will see that your required ISO File is mounted  under 
" Device with removable storage "

  • That's it, just "double click" on mounted ISO file , or "right click" > "Open" to view the contents in it.

Some times, in middle of the installation it asks to insert another " DVD "  , that technically means to mount other ISO file, if the first time you mounted "Part A or DVD1"ISO file, now it's time to mount "Part B or DVD2".

Here's how you do it ? 

  • First "Right click" on mounted drive, then click on " Eject "   

  • Now, you will have to mount Part B ISo file, for that you can just double click on Part B ISO file and it mounts automatically.  

Then you will that "Installation will be going on" & this is how you do it when you have two files (DVD1 & DVD2) to install.

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