Monday, 17 December 2012

Top Sites to create your own Mobile Website !

Here is how you can build your Website. I have sorted out the list of good sites with promising results. These services allow you to create mobile in a few hours or at a little cost.

1. Wapple 

Wapple is an ideal site for designing, building and developing  mobile website. Its got 9 years of mobile marketing experience,  for additional details click here : http://www.wapple.net/

2. Let's Talk MO 

Its is the site created by google, where you can create your mobile web site absolutely free. For additional details , check here : http://www.letstalkmo.com

3. MobiSiteGalore

MobiSiteGalore has a free limited trial service that allows you to setup a website with three pages and limited features and hosting, professional pack is available at $225 a year. For additional details click here : http://www.mobisitegalore.com/

4. Mobistro 

Mobistro is a pioneer in developing mobile web site and provide customized solutions toyour company needs mobile features . For additional details click here : http://www.mobistro.com/ContactUs.aspx

5. Mofuse 

Mofuse claims to be the leaders in Mobiles Web Content Management , you have the chance of building your website and you can ask them for help. For additional details click here : http://mofuse.com/build-it-yourself/

6.  Register.Com 

Turn your Website into a Mobile Site. It offers the ability to specify and ovveride information through a simple - to - use interface. For additional details : http://www.register.com/product/mobile.rcmx

How does it work ?
1. Create an account
2. Create a mobile website
3. Integrate with your desktop site
That's it!

Do post your Comments and Critiques !

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