Sunday, 9 October 2011

How to change the Task bar Icons in Windows 7

Here is a simple freeware software "7 Conifier" that allows you to change the look of your Taskbar Icons. 

7 Conifier

After Downloading, Simply unzip the file and place the folder called "7CONIFIER" in a good place.

[Note : 7CONIFIER won't touch the registry and it will keep to itself as much as it possibly can.] So its safe to use.

After extracting, you will some files like this :

Click on 7 CONIFIER, then select the style of Icons and Click on Apply, then click on Yes when it says "Unable to Create backup"

To uninstall simply delete the folder -- remember to reapply your default package though.
That's it, you are done changing the appearance of Icons in taskbar

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  1. Its a good way to give your taskbar a good look.


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