Thursday, 27 October 2011

Can AMD Sempron processor be overclocked ?

AMD Sempron Processor is one of the Fastest Single Core Processor.

Its Processor Core is Sargas Model, clocked at 2.7 Ghz , is a good processor for handling many programs efficiently. It is said the AMD Processors come with a Core disabled, and they sell those processors at cheap prices. 

With a good cooler and Motherboard, its proved that the disabled core can be unlocked, and sargas core can be unlocked to a regular dual core.

Not all Motherboards can be used, The trick requires a motherboard with AMD SB710 or SB750 southbridge that supports the Advanced Clock Calibration feature. When this feature is enabled the system address the hidden core and the single core, there by turning it into a dual core athlon II X2. Its said the It can be overclocked to 3.71 Ghz safely.

You can manually unlock the hidden core by adjusting the Core Voltage and Bios Settings. 

Before Trying to Unlock the Hidden Cores, remember to have the Latest Bios.

 Check this Video : Sempron 3.71 GHz

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