Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Which is Better - Amd processor or Intel processor ?

This is the Ultimate Question asked while building your System.  
And the Answer for this Question depends on yourself, whether you do multitasking or you use it for gaming, both the processors are great value for money.

IF you want to use it for purely multitasking purpose and don't want to spend more money, then AMD  is the best choice, you can have both "processor and motherboard" at affordable price. 

But it you want to spend more money on Processor, you can go for INTEL, it will do all the multitasking that you require and run smoothly.

In terms of Performance both the processors give almost equal performance. The only difference is that INTEL cost more whereas AMD is cheap and can be easily affordable.

In terms of Gaming, a good Graphic card will be helpfull, than having a best processor.

Check this Video for more Info :

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