Thursday, 27 October 2011

How to get your site in top 10 search results in Google ?

Its requires luck and good information to get your Blog or Site in Top 10 Search Results in Google, when people search for something that's related to your Blog.

For this you have to add your url to Google, 
Search for " add your url to google", then you will get many results : 

Click on Overview - Submit your content - Google

Then a page pops up, click on participate i.e website owner

When you click on "Participate"  it will lead to a different page, there you can see a option " Add your url to google", click on it 
Enter you blog's url, in the box and click on submit, you can submit url for every new post written.
After clicking on Submit. Then it displays a image saying, "Your Request has been received and will be processed shortly "

Keep in mind that it takes specific amount of time, I am sure that they have
long list

Still then you can Submit your Blog to other Search Engines, and even ping to other site. Click here to know How to Ping Your Blog

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