Sunday, 3 June 2012

How to send Andriod Apps from PC to Andriod devices?

Its great to know that Andriod Apps can be downloaded from Google Play.

Its easy to download  Apps from Android devices through android market. But you can also install those apps from PC to Android Devices. Here's how to do:

1. Firstly you can see a tag " Play " in up-left side of Google. Click it
Then sign in using your gmail account. You will find various Android Apps  in Google play. Click   on a app which you like, you will see something like this : 
       Click on "Install". 
 (Note : Certain apps might not work on your device, if it does works then it says its compatible with your device.)
 It pops out a box highlighting the information of what you are downloading, next click on "Install" again.

Next click on "OK
Later you will get see the app downloading on your Mobile.

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