Monday, 17 December 2012

Is it necessary to have Mobile Website for more Traffic !

As more number of people are browsing internet on mobile phones,  it became necessary to have a mobile site. 

About 56 % of people are searching content using Mobile Internet. It is believed by the end of 2013, number of Mobile Internet users is gonna overcome desktop users.
If you don't have your mobile site, you are gonna miss those huge amounts of Traffic. 

Traffic is important for Adsense, so you will have greater chance to earn more money through Adsense.
You can have mobile ads in your mobile web site. You can integrate Google Adsense and serve mobile version adds  to earn revenue. 

Google Mobile Ads will help you grow online sales and send more customers to your site like never before.  Since the number of Mobile internet users are increasing daily, the more chances you have to get more hits. 

Apart from earning, other marketing objectives like mobile media engagement like optimizing photo,video, custom registration forms,  can be served effectively and efficiently. 

Mobile Website can be a great boon to potential users who want to advance their business or services. 


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