Wednesday, 19 December 2012

How to earn money by Playing Games online ? Top 5 money earning game sites !

It good to know that there are some sites which not only lets user to play games but intern give them money for playing so.
Yes, it's a great choice for some people who spends more time in playing games.  Here is the list of some great Websites which allows players to earn dollars.
If you are looking for earning money through games, I think this post is worth bookmark.


Swagbucks.com is a great website where you can play and earn, like giftcards, electronics and more. The earned gift cards can be used to shop in Amazon, Walmart, and other sites.You need to create an account first and its completely free.

Visit Swagbucks at : http://www.swagbucks.com/


Skillville.com is an another site, where you can play and win. You can compete for prizes and cash. "Game Better and Win More" is promo of Skillville. Create an account, which is completely free.

Visit Skillville at : http://www.skillvillegames.com/

3.Paid  Game Player

Paid Game Player.com is also place where you can get paid to play games. You can earn Extra Cash by Reviewing Online Games, completing surveys and even referring friends.

Visit Paid Gamer Player at : http://www.paidgameplayer.net/


Zapak.com is one of the coolest places where you can earn good amount. With Cash Rummy you can win Cash by playing games online. Zapak.com is the most famous play to win cash site in India.

Visit Zapak at :  http://www.zapak.com/


GSN.com is also were you can earn money.

Check it here : http://www.gsn.com/

Do let me know if there are any other sites, so that I can update this post ! 

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