Wednesday, 19 December 2012

How to know your site's ranking and traffic in the world ?

Ever thought of your site's performance with other sites around the web. Here are some websites which can tell how your blog or site is performing, in terms of page views, linking and other stuff.
Apart from these you can get to know, your sites global rank in the world.

It's just like rank you get in your Exam. Rank you get for your website can be determined by various factors.It will also show graphs about Keywords that are searched for your blog , by observing those graphs you can build a strategy to get good results.

Get your site's rank from here :

Alexa is a Web Information Company, its rank will show how popular your site in terms of page-views, page linkings, traffic, and which age group is interested in your site.  
You can plan accordingly after observing your site's rank to improve your earning. (Dont worry if your ranking is bad.) It has got a adverse database, which is utmost accurate. Alexa is still no1 site for Web ranking and stats.

1. You just need to enter your Blog's or Site's URL, that's it, information is served right away.


Go here : http://www.alexa.com/

Yes, search can be made for Top sites like Google.com and others also. Its cool isn't it.  Go on make your own search and check how your site is compared to others.

Also check Top 5 sites to know Web site's information and ranking in the world.

Do comment and post your critiques ! Happy Blogging !

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