Monday, 4 February 2013

How to solve " DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED " error ?

Probably many are facing this error, during playing games. Common cause of this error is malfunction of driver that has been recently updated. 

Try these : 

Basically DXGI is Direct X 10/11 driver, so if the problem persists in Dx11 then switch to Dx9. Direct X 9 uses d3d9 instead of dxgi. Check if the error persists. 

Did you Overclock?

Are you using, software's like MSI Afterburner of V tune to improve your graphic card performance. Did you increase core voltage, if yes then immediately revert back such settings and later uninstall such softwares. Maybe, such software's are effecting performance of your graphic card's driver.

Here are some solutions that helped some people overcome this problem, sure it may help you :

1. Try updating the drivers , make sure you are installing no beta version. 

2. If the above didn't work try this method, remove your graphic card, clean it nice and install drivers again but this time without installing 3d vision. It should do. 

3. Here is another suggestion,   

a.  Go to Power options in windows > Advanced Settings

b.  Under PCI express > Link State Power Management > Select " OFF ". 

Then try playing the games, its likely when you tried the above methods your chance of getting   " DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED " error will genuinely become less and you can have quality time of playing.

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So, did the above methods helped. IF yes then post a comment to let know others out there !

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