Saturday, 2 February 2013

How to stop getting random black screens while playing ? Guarenteed Solutions

If you are suffering from random black screens while playing or working on Internet, its because there might be some problems which you will have to take care :

Even for playing 5-10 minutes there would be a small micro stutter and screen would go back for 1-5 seconds turning into 2d and then turns back to 3d mode and everything would be fine. And message pops up saying " driver has stopped working ".  If it is happening repeatedly then follow the below steps :

1. Check your drivers

Yes, check your drivers because they play a essential part in functioning. If you installed a beta driver which released newly then uninstall it, search for stable drivers (older ones). (Many people have the habit of  updating drivers once in a while and they forget that beta drivers may not function effectively.)

Or else try reinstalling the same driver you have. For most cases it solves random black screens while playing games.

2. Check the temperature and voltage

If the step 1 couldn't help your case then try this method. Check temperature and voltage of graphic card.

Use GPUz for instance, its freeware ! Get it here

Make sure that your graphic card is getting right power leads from PSU. If not than look into PSU and observe the connections, remove excessive components from the CPU like extra fans, coolers
and see if the problem solves.

IF your Gpu's clock speed is low, you can increase it by using software like MSI afterburner, to increase clock speed or voltage. Remember to use it with caution, its most like to be used for over clocking.

( Download MSI Afterburner here

Do post your comment if you are still struggling with problem, we will answer it.

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