Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Avast and Windows 8 compatibitly issues, BSOD error and its's Fix !

Many people are reporting that they have compatibility issues and BSOD errors with Avast 7.0 and Windows 8 X64. After spending a lot of time in forums and other sites this is what I got to know: If you are Avast fan then surely take time to read this post.

Firstly: BSOD(Black Screen of Death) is the issue, and its not a good sign.

People using Windows 8 X64 bit are reporting this problem and the same goes to Windows XP X64 bit.

Controversies might be Avast 7.0 is a 32 bit Application and the reason is that it get installed in C:/Program files rather that C:\Program Files (x86).

Are you using a Pro Version ? If yes, let me tell you than problems are faced more in free versions. BSOD errors are caused because of memory dumping and whenever it happens, it gets stored in C:/windows/Minidump

However, you can still get some technical help from Avast, click here 
ASWNET.sys is the error that pops out as a error message due to malfunction of Avast.
Maybe Avast system Drivers are not working in Harmony with Windows 8 X64 bit and because of this BSOD errors are observed. To minimize such errors : 

1. Try Disabling the Network Shield : 

Go to Avast User Interface > Real Time Shields > Network Shield > on right side click on  Stop and mark as " Stop for Permanently ". 

This method is suggested in all forums, which helped some people. 

2. Use this method if above failed to work, try installing a patch : Download the Patch here.

Follow the Instructions as per told on that page. And before patching do the following : 

1. Disable Avast's Self Defense Module.
2. Download the required 64 bit package or 32 bit package, unpack it into C:\Windows
3. Enable Avast's Self Defense Module and Restart the System.

Well if all these above steps didn't help you, then it would be better for you to find an alternative for few days until avast releases some stable version. 

Got something to tell ? Shoot a comment below !

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